Mobile application for pain monitoring and self assessment.

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Developed in co-operation with Oulu University Hospital as a part of Indemand program. Paincarer is easy-to-use and reliable way to record and evaluate chronic pain experiences.

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Manage your pain experience 

PainCARER is a mobile application for pain self-assessment. The application is a tool for patients suffering from pain to record and assess their pain events. Pain records can be easily viewed and shared with health care professionals. It also includes a library of drug-free pain treatment methods and local treatment providers. The app is designed to be user friendly and easy to use tool for all users suffering from chronic pain.

Benefits to users


Enabling communication between pain patients and health care professional.


Long term tracking of patient’s pain events.


Self-assessing the pain can alleviate symptoms.


Helps patients to find suitable drug-free treatments.

Identify pain areas

Identify pain areas along with other swollen or numb areas by painting them on the model.

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Evaluate your pain

Evaluate the severity and type of pain as well as describing external factors affecting your pain experiences.

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You can follow your progress you make through the calendar tab.

Documenting pain often enables you to follow progress and evaluate the effectiveness of treatments or lifestyle changes on your pain experiences.

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Create and share pain reports

Create and share your desired pain reports with medical experts.

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